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Ashburn Dental Practice - Anna V Abel, DDS and Chuong Phan, DDS, FAGD - Loudoun Dental Arts

Our experienced dental team is prepared to improve oral health through advanced dental procedures in Ashburn. This state of the art practice opened in 2013 by Drs. Abel and Phan has modern dental technologies that comprehensively care for patients’ needs. We offer a wide range of procedures that care for the dentition completely, improving the function and beauty of the smile. The dental team at Loudoun Dental Arts delivers transformative care in a friendly atmosphere that’s relaxing and gentle for our patients. 

Advanced Dental Treatments for Total Oral Health

Working as a team, our two doctors bring professional collaboration to your appointment, resulting in comprehensive care. Their unique specialties allow them to address diverse needs of each patient. Digital X-rays permit full view of the smile and transmit 90 percent less radiation to patients. When giving treatment, your Ashburn dentists only use quality materials that are proven to improve the look and strength of the smile. Tooth-colored fillings and restorations protect your smile, making it uniform. We use many of our treatments in conjunction with one another to enhance the effectiveness of dental treatments. 

We offer services to care for the many needs of patients. Our two doctors’ provide care with their variety of skills preventive care to endodontics and orthodontics. To better provide dental services, we work with an endodontist group that can care for extreme oral health issues. Above all, we want to save the natural teeth and make sure your smile lasts a lifetime. 

Dental Care for the Whole Family 

When searching for a dental home, it’s important to know that the whole family can be taken care of. We see children from age three to provide gentle cleanings and thorough examinations. Parents can join their children to keep them calm in the dental chair. We use this time to get to know our family patients, how we can best care for the smile or improve oral care at home. Our doctors want to help parents teach their children good oral health habits, and help them to be comfortable at the dentist. Parents visiting our Ashburn practice also benefit from our treatments, which will keep their smile bright. 

Preventive Dentistry 

Our mission is to provide preventive care to every patient. It is our hope is to avoid dental problems in the future by ensuring a clean and healthy mouth today. With a review of each patient’s medical history, combined with a thorough examination that observes the unique needs of your smile, we can plan for the future needs of children and adults. 

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Drs. Abel and Phan provide dynamic oral health care in a comfortable atmosphere. Learn more about our practice by browsing our website, or feel free to email us with questions. To schedule an appointment, use our online form or call us. We look forward to helping your smile!