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The term “periodontal” is often associated with the gums, as “peri” and “odont” are derived from the Greek words for “around” and “tooth.” But the gums aren’t the only structures that play a crucial role in supporting and protecting your teeth. The supporting bone in your jaw deserves respect and demands TLC!

Keep or restore bone health

Tooth loss is also a leading cause of bone loss, a process known as “bone resorption.” Here at Abel, Phan & Associates, we partner with patients in and around Sterling, Virginia, to protect their teeth or to replace missing teeth promptly. Advanced bone grafting techniques, too, allow us to successfully treat patients who otherwise would not be good candidates for unique, modern forms of tooth replacement โ€“ notably, implants!

Why bone health matters

Dental implants function like tooth roots. The roots hold our teeth in place. However, conventional tooth replacement does not replicate this vital part of our natural teeth. Modern tooth replacement, supported by implants, replicates both the crown visible above the gum line and the root in the jawbone. Since the implant is positioned strategically in the jaw, the quality of the bone is critical.

As extraction sites heal, the natural height of the bone diminishes. This process results in a recessed, saddle shape. The width of the bone also erodes. The bone at the back of the mouth, where the premolars and molars reside, can deteriorate by as much as 50% of its original dimensions just 12 months after removing a tooth!

A healthy jawbone encourages healthy healing and integration of the implant to the surrounding hard tissues. This healing is crucial to the long-term success of the tooth that is connected to the implant later in the treatment process.

Bone grafting: What to expect

Following an evaluation of your mouth, Drs Abel or Phan may recommend bone grafting to rebuild the empty socket at the tooth extraction site and in preparation for procedures such as dental implants placement. In as few as eight weeks, 75% of the bone at the recipient site can be replenished. Factors that affect healing and recovery time depend partly on the extraction site’s depth and surface area.

Grafting itself is relatively straightforward:

  • Local anesthetic is applied for utmost comfort.
  • The recipient site is accessed via small incisions.
  • The graft or bone material is inserted.
  • Lastly, the area is cleansed and closed.

The graft may be taken from a part of your own body, such as the chin or hip bone, and grafted or relocated to the area needing augmentation. Bone may also be used from a human donor or synthetic and animal sources. To encourage optimal healing, we may discuss the introduction of aids such as PRGF. Platelet-rich growth factors stimulate the regeneration of bone, resulting in higher-density bone within a shorter timeframe.

Our practice has many options for patients who need to rebuild both hard and soft tissues. Call Abel, Phan & Associates at (571) 450-9848 to schedule a consultation and find out more about the process.

Dr. Chuong Phan

Dr. phan

Dr. Anna Abel

Dr. Abel

Husband and wife duo Drs. Chuong Phan and Anna Abel lead the Abel, Phan, and Associates dental team.

Dr. Phan is a Howard University College of Dentistry graduate and has practiced for over 20 years. His favorite clinical procedures are orthodontic and endodontic treatments, including root canal therapy. He has been trained in many prestigious institutes. Dr. Abel graduated from the University of Maryland School of Dentistry and has over 20 years of experience. Her favorite procedures are cosmetic services like veneers, implants, and oral surgery. She has trained with top-level organizations.

Both doctors are regular volunteers at Northern Virginia Dental Clinic, providing care to low-income patients, for which they have received many honors. They have also volunteered to help disadvantaged communities, especially children, through many foreign missions.