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The cosmetic appeal, comfort, and conservative nature of Composite Fillings

Progressive dental decay can present itself as holes or cavities where the tooth structure has been eroded. Fortunately, cavities are largely preventable. Plus, at Abel, Phan, & Associates in Potomac Falls and Sterling, Virginia, we can quickly eradicate decay, build up the damaged tooth, and restore the health, functionality, and appearance of your smile. 

Composite fillings 

The term “fillings” speaks volumes to what this treatment can do for your oral health and smile. Drs Anna Abel and Chuong Phan can quite literally “fill in” the hole created during the decay process. Modern dentists have at their disposal several types of dental materials to replace the damaged or lost tooth structure. These materials include metals and non-metals, such as dental composite. The composite is a flexible dental plastic formulated with glass-like particles that mimic the properties of natural, protective tooth enamel. 

Patients appreciate that composite fillings can be perfectly color-matched to blend in with the rest of the tooth and the surrounding teeth. So, the fillings are not noticeable when you smile. They seamlessly fit in with the natural tooth. Composite fillings are not only pleasing to the eye; they are also durable. We practice conservative dentistry, which means that the techniques our dentists utilize preserve maximal natural tissues. Dental composites are a perfect example of conventional materials. Generally, less of the otherwise healthy tooth structure must be drilled away to accommodate the composite filling. The less that we alter the natural tooth, the stronger it will be. After all, there is more structure to support the filling. In turn, this characteristic makes the restored tooth less vulnerable to fractures. Patients have peace of mind that the investment they made in their smile will be sustained over the long term. 

In a single visit, pain associated with the cavity can be eliminated. And you will be able to smile confidently and chew your food confidently again! The process is straightforward; after the removal of decay and the treatment site is sterilized, the filling material is precisely applied, shaped, and fixed to the prepared tooth.

We are proud partners in your oral health. Our team is privileged to partner with you on oral hygiene techniques, preventive services, and oral care product recommendations to support your healthiest smile. Call us at (571) 450-9848 to schedule your appointment today.