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Invisalign Clear Aligners, the Clear Choice for Smile Realignment

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An increasing number of teens and adults are discovering the professional, social, and personal benefits of a straight, attractive smile. At Abel, Phan, & Associates of Potomac Falls and Sterling, Virginia, Dr. Anna Abel and Dr. Chuong Phan suggest Invisalign for adults and teens who want to straighten teeth without noticeable braces in most of the cases. Invisalign clear aligners discreetly improve smiles across the Sterling VA area.

Clear solution to straighten crooked teeth

Your journey to achieving a straighter smile begins with a consultation with Dr. Anna Abel and Dr. Chuong Phan, who will perform a comprehensive examination of your mouth and listen carefully to learn what you want to change about your smile. If you have existing dental issues such as tooth decay or gum disease, they must be addressed before straightening.

You and Dr. Abel and Dr. Phan will decide together if this solution for crowded teeth, overbite correction, and other types of misalignment are right for you. Then, digital impressions are taken. Robust proprietary computer software uses these detailed images to help the doctor design a treatment plan, mapping the movement of each tooth effectively. A series of clear aligners are fabricated using innovative 3D printing technology.

Wear the aligners at least 20 hours a day before advancing to the next set in about one or two weeks. Several-week recheck appointments are brief but essential. They give the doctors a chance to monitor your progress and adjust the wearing schedule if needed.

Why do patients in Sterling VA love Invisalign

  • No visible hardware – Aligners are virtually transparent.
  • No discomfort from wire tightening or mouth irritation – Only smooth plastic comes into contact with oral tissues.
  • No dietary restrictions – Remove aligners to eat the foods you love
  • No special hygiene equipment or routine – Aligners are removable, so you can brush and floss normally for a sparkling clean smile and fresh breath while straightening.
  • No enamel damage – Aligners are not cemented to teeth
  • No long wait – With the Invisalign computerized planning process, you see a virtual representation of your smile transformation before committing to treatment

Each case is unique, but an average Invisalign treatment plan is completed in about a year with good patient compliance. Since aligners do not hide your smile, you see improvement “real-time” as it occurs, rather than waiting for the day braces are removed.

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