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For many young patients, receiving braces at an early age can prove to be the difference between proper oral health and extensive tooth misalignment. Care as early as age seven not only improves their growing smiles but also safeguards against permanent dental issues in the future. Although not every child requires early orthodontic treatment, Drs. Abel and Phan recommend bringing children in for an examination to determine their needs, as well as help steer their dental development for long-lasting function and health. 

Preventive Orthodontic Care to Help Your Child

Treating younger patients before their jaw has finished growing can be a proactive way to avoid future dental issues. By the time your child is seven years old, their dentition has begun developing into an adult smile. At this stage, our dentists can obtain an early understanding of its future growth, including potential complications. For instance, the jaw could be too small to allow for a full set of adult teeth and, left untreated, would require an extensive procedure, such as tooth extraction. Additionally, the first adult teeth to emerge may protrude too far, putting them at risk for erosion and dental trauma.

Effective treatment options for these teeth may include use of oral appliances or Phase I braces. These orthodontic solutions can help children avoid costly dental treatment down the line as well as lend additional support to their permanent teeth. 
Other benefits of early treatment include: 

Guiding proper jaw growth 
Improving facial structure
Helping the lips to meet evenly

Protect Your Child’s Self-Esteem

In elementary school, braces are seen as rites of passage, allowing children to express themselves through customized braces, but this is not true as they get older. Especially as they enter their teens, a misaligned smile can contribute to self-confidence issues for your child. Early treatment can help them avoid embarrassment in the future, and ease the treatment process while their smile enters its final stages of development. 

When early treatment is successful, children can grow up to have healthy smiles for years to come. In the case patients face relapse in alignment, Dr. Abel and Dr. Phan offer Invisalign®. This trusted brand provides nearly-invisible correction for teens and adults with mild alignment problems, finishing what early treatment started. 

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