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A beautiful smile can inspire self-confidence and give a sense of freedom.  People want a smile they can feel comfortable showing when laughing, smiling, and talking. Due to genetics, accidents, and daily use our teeth can look damaged, worn, or uneven. Veneers are a great dental solution to solve cosmetic issues in the smile. If you are looking to enhance the appearance of the smile, consider the benefits veneers have to offer:

Cover up Imperfections

Some cosmetic dental issues cannot be solved with basic services such as general cleaning or teeth whitening. Veneers can cover dental imperfections such as: 
Deep staining
Chipped teeth
Severe Enamel Wear

When preparing teeth to receive veneers, a layer of enamel is removed to ensure the veneers look as real teeth do. Since they go over existing teeth, part of the tooth is preserved behind the veneer. No root canal or extraction is required to complete veneer placement. Receiving veneers is a simple process and is not taxing on the mouth. 

Veneers are Custom-Made for You

Veneers are made from dental porcelain, a material that is almost indistinguishable from real teeth. They are made individually and tailored to the individual teeth they are going over. Veneers are sized and designed to match the unique dimensions of individual smiles. They can be color matched to the shade of other teeth, improving their uniformity in every smile. The goal is to give patients a restoration that makes their teeth nearly ideal. 

Permanent Improvement

Porcelain veneers are designed to last for a long time. As long as patients maintain good oral health, veneers are given the chance to last. Additionally, the removal of enamel from the teeth is irreversible, as veneers need the rougher surface beneath enamel to be affixed properly. Besides dental accidents or more advanced issues, veneers are resilient to daily wear and tear. 

Looking for that Hollywood Smile? Consider Veneers from Abel, Phan, & Associates 

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