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Teeth Misalignment not only affects your appearance but also significantly impacts your dental function. An uneven bite creates stress on teeth, making eating and speaking difficult tasks. Correcting these issues improves the beauty of your smile as well as it’s durability.

Dr. Anna V. Abel and Dr. Chuong Phan, proudly offer convenient and discreet misalignment treatment with ClearCorrect® orthodontics. For more information on how clear braces can enhance your dental aesthetics, call Abel, Phan, & Associates today.


How does ClearCorect® Work?

ClearCorrect® gradually straightens teeth using a series of clear trays shaped specifically to your smile. We provide a new set of custom aligners every three weeks to shift your teeth into ideal position. While undergoing treatment, patients can visually witness their smile becoming straighter as they advance through the process.

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The many advantages of ClearCorrect® orthodontics include:

  • Virtually Invisible
  • Removable Design
  • No Metal Workings
  • No Change in Diet
  • Safe for Active Lifestyle

These transparent aligners provide discreet treatment, maintaining your natural dental aesthetics while you correct misalignment issues. In addition, ClearCorrect® patients can have complete confidence during social gatherings and important events.

ClearCorrect® Treatment at Abel, Phan, & Associates

Before any misalignment is corrected, our leading dental professionals conduct a detailed consultation and oral examination to ensure a healthy dental environment. After taking x-rays and impressions, Drs. Abel and Phan provide you with your personalized, clear trays shortly after. Periodic check-ups are required to monitor your teeth’s alignment process and to upgrade your trays until we achieve your new, straighter smile.

Patients can undergo treatment within a year depending on their individual needs and degree of orthodontic issues.

Who Can Benefit form ClearCorrect?

First and foremost, ClearCorrect® is not recommended for children. Responsible teens and adults who will be compliant with the requirement to wear their aligner trays for up to 22 hours a day are ideal candidates for this treatment. Individuals who want to address minor to moderate forms of misalignment with a more discreet alternative to traditional braces can benefit from ClearCorrect®.

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