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Enhancing your comfort and oral health with Advanced Dental Technology

Over the past few decades, technological advances have dramatically changed the way we practice dentistry. At Abel, Phan, & Associates in Sterling, Virginia, we have equipped our office with state-of-the-art technologies designed to improve your oral health outcomes and enhance your comfort and the way we can deliver care.

Improving your dental care with technology

Before investing in new technologies, our dental team evaluates the value and benefits they offer to our patients. Based on this selective process, we have proudly equipped our office with advanced technologies such as:

Image courtesy of https://www.medicalexpo.com/prod/digital-doc/product-102567-883509.html

Digital dental x-rays

Digital x-rays are faster, more comfortable, and better for the environment than traditional film x-rays. Additionally, we can pull up your x-rays on the computer right next to you during your appointment, zooming in on areas of interest and explaining any concerns so you can see first-hand what is happening in your mouth.

Image courtesy of https://www.ebme.co.uk/articles/clinical-engineering/cone-beam-computed-tomography-cbct

Cone beam CT scanner

Also called a CBCT dental scan, this type of dental imaging provides an in-depth, 3-dimensional look into your oral structures that goes well beyond traditional 2-dimensional x-rays. Images from the CBCT scanner can be used for various diagnostic and treatment planning purposes, enabling us to diagnose and plan your care with greater precision and accuracy.

Image courtesy of https://www.breasmiles.com/itero-intraoral-scanner/

iTero intraoral scanner

This is another advanced imaging option that has revolutionized the way we take dental impressions. Rather than messy putty impressions that can gag you and have room for error, the iTero intraoral scanner takes digital impressions of your mouth that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as dental crown planning or creating Invisalign trays.

Perio Protect® system
Image courtesy of https://www.perioprotect.com/what-is-perio-protect/

Perio Protect® system

This non-invasive therapy treats gum disease with prescription-strength antibiotics that are deposited deep beneath the gum line using custom-made trays with a precise fit.

Modern dental care in an office that feels like home

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