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The role antibiotics play in resolving gum disease

At Abel, Phan & Associates in Sterling, Virginia, we get to know our patients. In doing so, our dentists, Drs Anna Abel and Chuong Phan can identify unique risks or threats to each patient’s oral health. Those risks can then be minimized or eliminated to support healthy smiles and overall wellbeing.

One of the biggest threats to our good health and quality of life comes from periodontal disease. Also known as gum disease, treatment at our practice depends on the type and severity of damage to the gummy tissue that supports and protects the teeth. Depending on what we find during an evaluation, antibiotic therapy may be appropriate.

The role of antibiotics

Antibiotics are designed to inhibit or destroy select harmful microorganisms responsible for the disease. They can be either natural or synthetic (man-made). There are many different ways that antibiotics may be administered at our practice; rinses, gels, foams, strips, and even specially-designed trays are designed to deliver powerful infection-fighters to the gums to promote healthy reattachment of these delicate tissues. Drs Abel or Phan may also prescribe oral antibiotics or pills taken by mouth. Antibiotic therapy is generally combined with measures designed to restore a healthier oral environment. For instance, scaling and root planing or nonsurgical “deep cleaning” removes stubborn plaque, bacteria, and tartar from the teeth and under the gum line and softens the root surfaces that attract germs.

Candidates for antibiotic therapy

Antibiotics can be helpful for patients:

  • Who haven’t responded well or sufficiently to periodontal therapies such as SRP
  • With acute gum infections
  • Who are medically-compromised
  • To complement surgical and nonsurgical treatments
  • With persistent erosion of gummy tissues following mechanical therapies
  • Who have progressive, advanced gum disease (periodontitis) or early-onset periodontitis
  • With diagnosed aggressive forms of severe gum disease

Notably, in an official report issued by the American Academy of Periodontology, antibiotic therapy may be well-suited for patients with aggressive forms of periodontitis. Several pathogens have been implicated in this form of the condition, and these disease-producing germs can potentially travel to other areas, such as the connective tissues.

Periodontal treatment at Abel, Phan & Associates is multifaceted and tailored to your specific needs. And gum inflammation and disease do not go away without treatment. Periodontal disease requires prompt intervention to stop its progression and preserve the teeth, gums, and bone. Call our Sterling/Potomac Falls practice without delay at (571) 450-9848 to schedule your appointment.

Dr. Chuong Phan

Dr. phan

Dr. Anna Abel

Dr. Abel

Husband and wife duo Drs. Chuong Phan and Anna Abel lead the Abel, Phan, and Associates dental team.

Dr. Phan is a Howard University College of Dentistry graduate and has practiced for over 20 years. His favorite clinical procedures are orthodontic and endodontic treatments, including root canal therapy. He has been trained in many prestigious institutes. Dr. Abel graduated from the University of Maryland School of Dentistry and has over 20 years of experience. Her favorite procedures are cosmetic services like veneers, implants, and oral surgery. She has trained with top-level organizations.

Both doctors are regular volunteers at Northern Virginia Dental Clinic, providing care to low-income patients, for which they have received many honors. They have also volunteered to help disadvantaged communities, especially children, through many foreign missions.