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Orthodontic treatment isn’t just for children- adults can benefit from discreet braces – modern alternatives

Some have long considered braces to be a “rite of passage” associated with a specific stage or phase of life. The reality is, orthodontic treatment is not just for kids. At Abel, Phan & Associates in Sterling, Virginia, we resolve cases of crooked, crowded, and otherwise misaligned teeth among both adults and pediatric patients (adolescents and teens). More broadly, the American Association of Orthodontists notes that one in five patients undergoing orthodontic treatment as an adult! So, you, as a more “experienced” patient, are not alone in your needs or desires for the straighter teeth that add up to a more pleasing smile and supports better hygiene. The ability to better clean between teeth further helps a healthy smile. And healthy smiles generally look better!

A world of options for the modern patient

If your perception of orthodontic treatment involves an obvious, silver-colored “metal mouth” that attracts food debris, we encourage you to get to know the many discreet, comfortable, and effective methods to correct bite issues or malocclusion. Today’s patients can benefit from a range of different types of treatments, some of which are braces and some are alternatives to conventional braces:

  • “Traditional” braces – with a twist: Depending on anatomical features, the extent of correction that is needed, and other factors, the braces system may still be the best option. However, modern braces can be fabricated using cosmetically pleasing, tooth-colored wires and transparent brackets. These features allow adults to smile confidently throughout treatment. Some conventional treatments also focus on treating the “Smile Zone,” which generally facilitates faster treatment. “Lingual” braces are also based on traditional braces’ time-tested principles, but the brackets are placed behind the teeth. That way, they don’t show when you smile.
    Advancements in materials and characteristics such as smaller-sized brackets aid in a more pleasant and gentle straightening experience.
  • Alternatives to braces – Nowadays, an entire category of orthodontic treatment is classified as “aligners.” Instead of using a system of brackets and wires that are fixed to the teeth to reposition them gradually, the teeth are placed in proper positions using a series of aligner trays. These oral appliances are removable and transparent. Wear them daily as directed by our dentists, Drs Abel and Phan. When worn as instructed, the aligners place consistent pressure on the teeth, which moves them through the bone gently yet precisely. Many patients know this option by the popular brand name, Invisalign®.

Get the straight teeth you’ve always wanted, or restore formerly even teeth that have relapsed over time. Call (571) 450-9848 to schedule your orthodontic consultation at Abel, Phan & Associates in Sterling/Potomac Falls.