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A guide to Gum (periodontal) Disease Treatment options

Gum (periodontal) disease may be widespread, but it is also easily preventable and treatable when detected and addressed in its earlier stages. Our treatments at Abel, Phan, & Associates in Potomac Falls and Sterling, Virginia, are multi-faceted and personalized to your needs, the extent, and the nature of the disease that is present. 

On the “front lines” 

Dental professionals like Drs Anna Abel and Chuong Phan represent front-line treatment. During regular visits, they evaluate the state of your teeth and the gums that support them. Additionally, our skilled hygienists measure the severity of active disease with specialized tools and use instruments to remove bacteria and plaque build-up. These and other baddies release toxins that inflame and destroy gummy and bony tissues if the disease is allowed to progress unabated. 

It is vital to maintain these appointments, as they help manage disease-causing substances and allow dentists to identify potential underlying problems and early-stage inflammation. These conditions often do not produce symptoms. The symptoms that arise can also be subtle. So, patients may think their gums are healthy because their mouth looks and feels fine. Not until the disease has advanced to its more severe form, periodontitis, that patients may notice bleeding, pain, swelling, and other symptoms. A “deep cleaning,” known as scaling and root planing (SRP), may be recommended to treat the existing disease when a standard clean is insufficient. SRP removes pathogens above and below the gum line and smooths out the root surfaces that attract plaque. 

Alternative treatments 

SRP may be all that is needed to restore the healthy attachments between your teeth and gums. We may also prescribe medications or medicated rinses to control active infections and promote healing. The surgical periodontal pocket reduction can be what the dentist orders if your gums do not respond adequately to the above interventions. We also partner with some of the area’s top specialists, including periodontists who have advanced training in treating gum disease. So, when you partner with Abel, Phan, & Associates for your oral care journey, you have an entire sophisticated team behind you. 

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